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About the Event

Wheel of Challenges is a charity game show night that is geared to exhibit Solar Chapter’s project. The project that is going to be exhibited this year is the Water Project for Anapalu Village, Indonesia. suffer various health problems.

Purpose of the Event

The focus of the project is to provide clean water access through the use of sustainable energy. Almost all villagers of Anapalu village suffer from kidney stones resulting from the high percentage of calcium and lead in their water source. Even after walking more than 2 miles a day through a long dangerous mountain trail to get water, they still have to suffer various health problems. With this project, their lives can change for the better.

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his charity game show is a 3 hour long event with free admission to any student at Purdue University. Throughout the exciting game show night, audience will have the opportunity to engage with the living environment of the underprivileged people in developing countries through video and photo exhibition, and also have the chance to personally write a letter to the people in those remote villages.


Teams will be able to fundraise money for the cause through our crowdfunding page, and around 25 teams with the highest donation/fundraising amount on our crowdfunding page; will be selected to compete on the game challenges. The game challenges will require teamwork and luck. Five teams will compete on stage at the same time for every round, with each round having an elimination process.


There will be multiple organizations from various backgrounds at the booths which will be recruiting students, while also supporting the cause for providing water to Anapalu village. The expected attendence for this event will be roughly 5,000 people so definetely stop by each booth to find out more about each organization and why they want to support Wheel of Challenges and Solar Chapter!

March Event

Location: Elliot Hall of Music from 6-9pm

  • Teams of 4 people and up Compete
  • $20 to enter
  • Teams that raise Most Money Compete on March Event
  • 5 cool games
  • Epic Prizes for Top Teams


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