Chapter 3

Kain Makna

Threads of Purpose

Our initiative, MAKNA (/mak·na/), means purpose. This initiative is inspired by the Umutnana's women tenun community. Consisting of 20 village women, their work is to weave and produce tenun products. They used to have a ‘tenun-house’ that was rebuilt to become a health clinic (Puskesmas) due to not able to sell their products to a market or a distributor. These products are only available to sell whenever visitors come from the neighboring city of Kupang or given as gifts to government officials.

Solar Chapter will launch a brand and initiative named MAKNA—by Solar Chapter. MAKNA intends to approach the problem in a holistic way and therefore comprises of two aspects; education and commercialization by providing distribution channels and spreading awareness of Indonesia’s art of tenun. Solar Chapter plans to help Umutnana’s women sell their kain and promote their culture to young Indonesians living in cities, students studying abroad in the US and most importantly, exposing their beautiful art of into the world. For more information on MAKNA, visit our Instagram page, @kain.makna