Chapter Two: Education for As Manulea

Desa As Manulea, Nusa Tenggara Timur

SDN As Manulea

Solar Chapter decided to make Education as its second chapter after seeing the students of SDN As Manulea during their first implementation visit for Chapter 1: Water for Umutnana, a neighboring village to As Manulea village. SDN As Manulea, at the time of visit, did not have running water in the school. The successful creation of new water channels, during Solar Chapter’s first project, led our team to believe the greater good we can engender to other places outside of Umutnana. One of the team’s ideas focuses on how the abundance of water near Umutnana can be used to the village’s advantage. Our team saw that we could build more waterways to resolve the water crisis still experienced in the surrounding villages. Lack of clean water in school is detrimental to the health and hygiene of students in SDN As Manulea and students misuse 2 hours of their study time to fetch water instead of productive learning. Additionally, the poor condition of the school building and unused library needs to be fixed to minimize the risk of fallen debris or further damage

"Despite no running water, every day the classrooms are full of kids in white and red uniforms, still eager to learn"

SMKN Sasitamean

Education is a critical means of increasing quality of life. In today’s competitive workforce landscape in Indonesia, most employers require university degrees. However, most students in East Nusa Tenggara stop their education after high school and immediately join the workforce. Thus, this closes off a lot of opportunities for them to pursue better occupations, with a number of graduates working right after middle school as farmers. If not stopped, this combination of low income and low education could form a cycle that could go on for generations As the Indonesian economy progresses, the people of As Manulea could be left behind because they could not break this vicious cycle. Currently, the students in As Manulea lack the educational resources and awareness to pursue higher education, which forms a barrier for them to explore jobs other than farming.

SMKN Sasitamean, located in As Manulea village, is one of the only SMKs in the Malaka district. It is located 2km from SDN As Manulea and 5km from Umutnana. There are a total of 180 students in the school and 75% of these students are from Umutnana and As Manulea. The school currently has three programs, which are Agribisnis Produksi Ternak, Agribisnis Produksi Tanaman, and Multimedia. The school currently owns 20 slow and outdated personal computers for the multimedia program and for administering exams. However, with 180 students in the school, 20 computers are not enough to efficiently administer exams and teach them digital literacy. The school also lacks the educational resources such as textbooks for each major.

SMKN Sasitamean

Solar Chapter plans to provide laptop and other educational resources to enable the students of SMKN Sasitamean to achieve digital literacy and enable teachers to efficiently administer exams and other school assignments. Currently, the SMKN unveiled the new Multimedia program which requires students to use laptops. Through providing them laptops, Solar Chapter aims to grow the student capacity of the program and spark more interest towards the program as a getaway to learn more competitive skills. Aside from laptops, Solar Chapter plans on providing SMKN Sasitamean with textbooks. We would be fundraising to purchase related textbooks for each of the programs offered in the SMKN. Furthermore, we would be collaborating with domestic organizations to host a book drive to furnish the library in the SDN As Manulea.

Additionally, we plan to connect SMKN Sasitamean students to university students from all over Indonesia through our mentorship program called Kakak Adik. Solar Chapter will select 10 prospective SMK students, based on their needs and ambitions for higher education to enroll in this program. Then, we collaborate with university-affiliated organizations across Indonesia to look for prospective student mentors. After selecting a wide range of student-mentors, we would match them to SMKN students. We would also make a program curriculum for each week when the students will call each other and talk about a certain topic such as the various scholarship opportunities. Our program is intended to spark interest in these high school students to pursue higher education.

SDN As Manulea

  Price Unit Unit Price Total Price
Library Materials 1 Project Rp. 5,500,000.00 Rp. 5,500,000.00
Fix broken, run down ceilings 1 Project Rp. 41,122,500.00 Rp. 41,122,500.00
Plafond triplek 4mm 175   Rp. 50,700.00 Rp. 8,872,500.00
Site Preparation 1 Project Rp. 7,300,000.00 Rp. 7,300,000.00
Materials 1 Project Rp. 5,400,000.00 Rp. 5,400,000.00
Water Tank 3600 L Merk Profil 1   Rp. 5,000,000.00 Rp. 5,000,000.00
Solar Lighting 2   Rp. 300,000.00 Rp. 600,000.00
HDPE Black D40mm 450 m Rp. 22,700.00 Rp. 10,215,000.00
RESERVOIR EXPANSION 1 Project Rp. 25,000,000.00 Rp. 25,000,000.00
Airplane Ticket 5   Rp. 3,500,000.00 Rp. 17,500,000.00
Ground Transport 4 Days Rp. 500,000.00 Rp. 2,000,000.00
Accomodation 4 Days Rp. 500,000.00 Rp. 2,000,000.00
Labor Cost       Rp. 5,000,000.00
Shipping 1 Project Rp. 5,000,000.00 Rp. 5,000,000.00
UNFORSEEN EXPENSE (10%)       Rp. 14,051,000.00
GRAND TOTAL       Rp. 154,561,000.00

An effort to solve these problems, Solar Chapter expanded their pipelines to As Manulea village as well as renovated the facilities in As Manulea Public Elementary School as the theme for the second project. Through hard work and persistence of the entire Solar Chapter team, as well as generosity from all who donated, we were able to raise Rp. 157,483,849.00 in offline donations and crowdfunding systems from the website, These donations will help meet the financial needs for the mission of this project.

The results were more than satisfactory. The fundamental education supplies were sent on time and the process of transforming the library into a “Ruang Kreatif” was successful. The students and parents were very much involved in painting and decorating the room. The sanitation facilities were successfully implemented and the ceilings were replaced in a timely manner. We have witnessed first-hand how this project brings joy to more than 200 students in SDN As Manulea. Now, these kids can spend their time in the library instead of carrying jerry cans

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