Chapter One: Water for As Manulea

Desa As Manulea, Nusa Tenggara Timur

As Manulea village (Desa As Manuela, Malaka, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia) is the neighboring village to Umutnana Village, the location of our first project. As Manulea village has over 1,000 villagers which faces the same problem as villagers of Umutnana, they have to walk over 3 hours to obtain clean water access. As Manulea uses the same water source that villagers of Umutnana uses, the water source that we use as our project's water source. The villagers uses that water for their everyday use, from drinking, bathing, cooking, and watering all their plants. The uniqueness of As Manulea is that most of the villagers are still relatives of Umutnana, as they were once one village. Solar Chapter has also provided water access to SDN As Manulea, which is located in between Umutnana and As Manulea.

Solar Chapter provided clean water access in As Manulea by expanding on its previous project in Umutnana. The previous project in Umutnana village had 14 solar panels and the pump was working on 2/3 of its full capacity. The water provided at Umutnana was overflowing, thus adding 7 solar panels to make the pump operate at 100% capacity was sufficient to provide water to As Manulea. Other than adding solar panels, Solar Chapter also built reservoir points in As Manulea as points to store water before redistributing it. Through adding pipes also, we were able to connect our previous reservoir points in Umutnana to the ones in As Manulea. The pipes also connected the reservoirs to the water faucets in As Manulea. We built around 14 water faucets in As Manulea village for all the villagers in As Manulea. Now, all the villagers can obtain clean water access in under 5 minutes from their home.

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